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Interdisciplinary & Experiential Curriculum (2)

Melissa Wilson on how Minerva Baccalaureate’s multiple assessment tools allow for effective student grading

Melissa Wilson is a Minerva Baccalaureate instructor teaching World Cultures since December 2020.

Minerva Baccalaureate: A Teacher’s Perspective

Sarah Clancy on how teaching Minerva Baccalaureate classes engages her students through an...

Different Pathways to Reforming High School

In 2012, Tony Wagner, then a Harvard Innovation Education Fellow, interviewed hundreds of CEOs to...

Student Interview: How the Minerva Baccalaureate is Preparing me for College

Martin “Trey” Willoughby III is an inaugural class student of the Minerva Baccalaureate at Laurel...

How Might We Re-Imagine High School?

A case for pedagogies that hybridize cross-disciplinary skills with core knowledge.

You Had to Cancel Your Lab Course. What Now?

This article was originally published by Genes to Genomes.  As on-campus meetings for laboratory...